Parking Lot Striping Services in Oakland, CA

1. Warehouse Striping

Part of our core services includes Warehouse Striping and Aisle Marking. You can rely on our professional approach and experience to evaluate and apply what is best for your facility according to your requirements with materials that will hold up to the most abusive traffic and use. Markings may include but not limited to: Safety and Directional Arrows, Fork Lift Lanes and Emergency Evacuation Routes, Hashed Areas, Caution Zones, Walking Lanes, Product Stalls or Pick lanes. Professional warehouse or Indoor floor striping improves the Safety, Function and Appearance of your Warehouse or Manufacturing Facility and can improve productivity as well. Striping your facility requires close communication and execution, Stripe-A-Lot has the experience and personnel capable of coordinating with your ongoing operation to get your project done all at once or in phases if required. We have the experience working along with engineering staff and facility managers and could provide a full discloser describing the method of procedure (MOP) if requested. We can layout, prep the surface and apply epoxy striping (or other materials) in a proficient and professional manner. Our work methods and procedures allow us to complete up to 5,000 to 10,000 linear feet of layout and application per day in ideal conditions.

Some of the benefits our customers have seen from our services are Increased utilization, , Decreased Material Damage, Employee Safety, OSHA Compliance, FDA Compliance and of course better overall appearance.

Horizon Beverage, Oakland, CA.

Horizon Beverage, Oakland, CA.

 Horizon Beverage, Oakland, CA.

Horizon Beverage, Oakland, CA.

 Horizon Beverage, Oakland, CA.

Horizon Beverage, Oakland, CA.

2. Shot Blasting & Floor Prep

Warehouse Striping is usually done by profiling the polished concrete surface to assure adhesion by in preparation in laying down the hard setting two part Epoxy. We also can remove existing lines with the same shot blasting process. Using shot blasting or diamond grinding, we can clean older floors of dirt, rubber, sealers, paint, mastics, epoxies and adhesives to prepare your concrete floor for applying lines, toppings and/or resealing. To ensure longevity of your floor markings, we profile the floor prior to striping to give the paint or epoxy lines better adhesion. If you simply have an old concrete floor that needs to be completely cleaned of years of grease dirt and abuse, we can clean and etch the floor in preparation, for epoxy striping or urethane sealers & other coatings.

Berlin Packaging. Hayward, CA.        
Surface Preparation.         5” Shot blasted Profile

Berlin Packaging. Hayward, CA. Surface Preparation. 5” Shot blasted Profile

Berlin Packaging. Hayward, CA.        Finished Epoxy & Sealer.         4” Line

Berlin Packaging. Hayward, CA. Surface Preparation. 5” Shot blasted Profile

3. Parking Lot Striping

May or can include helping you with your parking lot design and maximize your parking area. We provide an expert layout skills and marking of straight lines (no bananas!). We recommend using a quality marking product by Sherwin Williams (Set-Fast)

Traffic Paint. This allows us to guarantee our work from flaking, hot tire pick up and normal wear for one full year and will perform in the years to come. Quality materials do not keep us from offering you the lowest price for Re-Striping your faded parking lot stalls or Stripe-A-Lot of new lines on any surface. We do all aspects of Striping, Accessible Routes, Crosswalks, Stops and Limit Bars. Hashing of Speed Bumps or whatever your parking lot may require including the painting of Curbs, Fire Lanes and Roadways


4. ADA Compliance Parking & Signage Installation

If you need to make sure your parking area is compliant with the Americans with Disability Act, Stripe-A-Lot has the experience and knowledge to make sure your parking areas and signs make you 100% legal according to ADA Guide lines. We know the ADA laws as they apply to parking & accessibility to your business. In your parking lot, we can provide the proper modifications to avoid the costly audits, law suits or violation fines. Parking lot striping has some special considerations. For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) require building owners to set aside a certain amount of parking lot space for handicapped-parking spots. These spaces must be marked according to ADA guidelines. As full striping service, we are able to deliver ADA-compliant markings and proper signage for your parking lot.

Saint Bonaventure, Concord, CA.                                               ADA Compliant Parking

Saint Bonaventure, Concord, CA. ADA Compliant Parking

Jiffy Lube, South San Francisco, CA.                                                    ADA Accessible Route

Saint Bonaventure, Concord, CA. ADA Compliant Parking

5. Stenciling

If you’re in need of any Custom Markings, Symbols, Logos, Letters and Numbers of any size we are your High-Quality Pavement Marking & Stenciling Service.

• Directional arrows
• Reserved parking
• Visitor parking
• Fire lane
• No Parking
• 00 Min. Parking
• Painted logos
• Custom Company or Business name Parking Only
• Motorcycles Only
• Ped Xing
• Stop & Limit Lines
• Compact
• Loading zone
• A – Z & 1,2,3
• ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) -- + =


6. Athletic Field Striping

Sports field painting can be done on a variety of surface types. Stripe-A-Lot Services has the experience working with many of these different surface scenarios. From asphalt, to natural grass, to artificial turf we have the understanding required to make these projects last as long or as short as you need them to. Sometimes, when space is a factor, a baseball field needs to be a soccer field over night. Stripe-A-Lot can assist you in these types of projects and make your sports field look very professional, but at a cost that is affordable.

Stripe-A-Lot is also a field striping company that offers quality and competitive line marking services throughout Northern California. Our striping & field marking services include:

• Artificial Grass Line Striping
• Sports Field Markings (logos)
• Natural Grass Line Striping
• Field Line Painting
• Baseball
• Football
• Soccer
• La cross

7. School Playground Markings and Circle games

If you are looking for a company to stripe a new or existing playground or basketball court this also includes, but is not limited to Circle Games, Hop Scotch, Four Square, and Track & Field. Are equipment is set up to achieve mechanical compass radius circles that others may do free hand. We have done an array of custom work and are very proud of all the work we have done. Stripe-A-Lot offers a wide variety of school playground striping and game court striping and marking options. School playground, Church playgrounds to the basketball court in your back yard.
We are Your Source for High-Quality Playground & Court Striping


8. Sports Court Striping

If you are looking for a company to stripe a new or existing playground, basketball court, or tennis area, this usually takes extra time to assure precise regulation measurements are given everything is square and true. Court lines are done according to the given dimensions and transformed to the canvas with great care before lines are laid. This includes but also not limited to: Basketball, Hand or Racquetball, Volleyball even Badminton and more. We are Your Source for High-Quality Playground & Court Striping

9. Roadway Striping and Markings

Business driveways, In Town Road Striping & Facility Entrances.
We mark and stripe to California Department of Transportation specifications (CALTRANS)

Delta Sanitation District
- Entrance Driveway
10. Parking Lot sign Installation

Sign customization is available!
We can install your parking lot signs immediately.
Call us today at (925) 250-8920 below are just a few of the signs we install:

• Stop
• No Trucks
• ADA Symbol No Parking
• Aisle Indicators
• Yield
• Pedestrian Crossing
• Wrong Way
• Do Not Enter

11. Concrete Painting & Sanding

Doing the prep work before you repaint a concrete floor avoids a peeling paint job later. Choose the paint type that best suits your floor. Latex floor paint is great for interior concrete floors but it is not suitable for high tire-traffic areas. Use durable Sherwin Williams oil-based product called Set-fast that has been formulated to withstand the abuse of automobile traffic when painting exterior concrete patios and side walks.

12. Paint Line Removal

We can remove existing lines with a shot blasting process. Using a portable shot blaster or diamond grinder, we can clean off unwanted lines to prepare your parking lot for applying new lines.

13. Custom Pavement Markings


14. Power Washing

We are equipped with LANDA’s portable, belt-drive, cold-water pressure washer line with cleaning power of up to 4,000 PSI. For medium duty cleaning effectiveness.

15. Installation of parking blocks